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Rhye, Austra, U.S. Girls: Radio 3's top 30 songs for the week of January 29, 2018

Editorial Staff

Toronto singer/producer Mike Milosh, a.k.a. Rhye, will release a new labum called Blood on Feb. 2. He describes the album, which he recorded in his current base in Los Angeles, as being deeply personal, telling CBC's q, "It's my life, how it's been evolving for the last couple of years. The way I approach all music is, it's always personal. Some songs are heavier or some are super light, some are joyous and some are kind of like expressing a sexual prowess, while others are almost apologetic. Then there are other songs that are personal in the way that I probably wouldn't discuss them with people." The song "Taste" breaks on to the chart at #30.

Last December, Austra released a leftover track from it's excellent 2017 album Future Politics called "Change The Paradigm." It's a driving, dance-floor ready track about re-writing narratives and it is the highest debut on our chart this week at #23.

Other debuts on the chart this week include Wordburglar with "If It Rhymes It's Real," and Daniel Romano with "Nerveless."

One of the most anticipated releases of 2018 is In A Poem Unlimited from U.S. Girls, due out on Feb. 16. The preview track "Velvet 4 Sale" climbs to #1 after five weeks on the chart.

Here is the full rundown of our top 30 songs this week:

30. Rhye, “Taste”
29. Patrick Watson, “Broken”
28. Nicholas Krgovich, “The World Tonight”
27. Wordburglar, “If It Rhymes It’s Real”
26. Energy Slime, “It’s Cold”
25. Daniel Romano, “Nerveless”
24. Caveboy, “New Touch”
23. Austra, “Change The Paradigm” *highest debut*
22. Michael Rault, “Sleep With Me”
21. The Wet Secrets, “Give It To Me Straight”
20. Mnisota, “Sound That Nothing Made”
19. Sean Nicholas Savage, “Opposing Truth”
18. Dizzy, “Swim”
17. Groenland, “Propaganda”
16. Deep Dark Woods, “Fallen Leaves”
15. Digits, “The Day You Fight Back”
14. Girlfriend Material, “Peace Sign”
13. Darlene Shrugg, “Strawberry Milk”
12. Zaki Ibrahim, “Cold Feet”
11. Corridor, “Deux Coeurs (ft. Halo Maud)”
10. Woolworm, “Judgement Day”
9. Peach Pit, “Drop The Guillotine”
8. Milk & Bone, “Deception Bay”
7. Pony, “I Don’t Know”
6. Fanny Bloom, “Petit Bois”
5. Wolf Parade, “Artificial Life”
4. Common Deer, “Mistakes”
3. Wilderness Of Manitoba, “Run From The Dark”
2. Barr Brothers, “Maybe Someday”
1. U.S. Girls, “Velvet For Sale”