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Praises, Born Ruffians, Wolf Parade: Radio 3's top 30 songs for the week of Feb. 5, 2018

Editorial Staff

Jesse Crowe, A.K.A. Praises, breaks on to the chart for the first time ever with the song "Calm As Colour." If something feels familiar to you about this artist, it might be because Crowe is a co-founder of Montreal fuzz-pop band Beliefs.

Suuns debuts at #29 with "Watch Me, Watch You," and Born Ruffians has the highest debut on our chart this week with the new single "Miss You" from their forthcoming album Uncle, Duke & The Chief, which is set to be released on Feb. 16.

"I found this old voice memo on my phone from 2015 called 'I miss you so much baby'," said band leader Luke Lalonde via press release. "It was just the chorus of 'Miss You' with vocal and piano, very early '60s vibe. I guess I just heard it on the right night when I had a guitar at hand and the rest of the song came very quickly. I think the narrator is a mix of pure ego and emotional suffering. He thinks the people walking by him on the sidewalk actually care about him, or are paying attention to him. This guy is sort of full of himself but he’s proud of his pain and his longing, he feels like it elevates him somehow and he wants to show it off."

Wolf Parade climbs to #1 after five weeks on the chart with their dancefloor-ready song "Artificial Life."

Here is the full rundown of our top 30 songs this week:

30. Woolworm, “Judgement Day”
29. Suuns, “Watch Me, Watch You”
28. Rhye, “Taste”
27. Milk & Bone, “Deception Bay”
26. Praises, “Calm As Colour”
25. Fanny Bloom, “Petit Bois”
24. Born Ruffians, “Miss You” *highest debut*
23. Nicholas Krgovich, “The World Tonight”
22. Energy Slime, “It’s Cold”
21. Common Deer, “Mistakes”
20. Wordburglar, “If It Rhymes It’s Real”
19. Caveboy, “New Touch”
18. Daniel Romano, “Nerveless”
17. Austra, “Change The Paradigm”
16. Wilderness Of Manitoba, “Run From The Dark”
15. Michael Rault, “Sleep With Me”
14. Mnisota, “Sound That Nothing Made”
13. Dizzy, “Swim”
12. Sean Nicholas Savage, “Opposing Truth”
11. Barr Brothers, “Maybe Someday”
10. Digits, “The Day You Fight Back”
9. Groenland, “Propaganda”
8. Girlfriend Material, “Peace Sign”
7. U.S. Girls, “Velvet For Sale”
6. Darlene Shrugg, “Strawberry Milk”
5. Corridor, “Deux Coeurs (ft. Halo Maud)”
4. Zaki Ibrahim, “Cold Feet”
3. Peach Pit, “Drop The Guillotine”
2. Pony, “I Don’t Know”
1. Wolf Parade, “Artificial Life”

You can hear all of these songs and more Canadian indie music on CBC Radio 3.