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Tough Age, Rich Aucoin, Groenland: Radio 3's top 30 songs for February 19, 2018

Editorial Staff

Garage rockers Tough Age debut at #27 on the chart this week with an instrumental song called "Everyday Life," the opening track from their most recent album Shame. Founding members Jarrett Samson and Penny Clark recently relocated to Toronto from Vancouver and added Jesse Locke (Century Palm, Simply Saucer) on drums before releasing the album last fall.

Rich Aucoin recently announced that he will be releasing a new four-track EP called Hold on March 16. It will be his first release since his 2014 full-length Ephermeral. Lead single "Release" is the highest debut on our chart this week at #19.

Other debuts this week include "Every Time The Feeling" from Nap Eyes, "Atmosphere" from Miesha & the Spanks, and "Ricky Please" from Gord Downie.

Last year, indie pop band Groenland announced that they would be calling it quits after releasing the album A Wider Space. The bouncy song "Propaganda" posthumously climbs to #1 this week.

Here is the full rundown of our top 30 this week:

30. Mnisota, “Sound That Nothing Made”
29. Nap Eyes, “Every Time The Feeling”
28. Sleepless Nights, “You’ll Find Love”
27. Tough Age, “Everyday Life”
26. Wolf Parade, “Artificial Life”
25. Breeze, “Please”
24. Miesha & the Spanks, “Atmosphere”
23. Girlfriend Material, “Peace Sign”
22. Gord Downie, “Ricky Please”
21. Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, “Someplace”
20. Tuns, “When You’re Ready”
19. Rich Aucoin, “Release” *highest debut*
18. Suuns, “Watch Me, Watch You”
17. Rhye, “Taste”
16. Darlene Shrugg, “Strawberry Milk”
15. Praises, “Calm As Colour”
14. Preoccupations, “Espionage”
13. Born Ruffians, “Miss You”
12. Energy Slime, “It’s Cold”
11. Caveboy, “New Touch”
10. Nicholas Krgovich, “The World Tonight”
9. Wordburglar, “If It Rhymes It’s Real”
8. Zaki Ibrahim, “Cold Feet”
7. Daniel Romano, “Nerveless”
6. Michael Rault, “Sleep With Me”
5. Pony, “I Don’t Know”
4. Austra, “Change The Paradigm”
3. Dizzy, “Swim”
2. Sean Nicholas Savage, “Opposing Truth”
1. Groenland, “Propaganda”