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Halifax's Neon Dreams drop out of tour amid sexual misconduct allegations against Hedley

Holly Gordon

One of Hedley's opening bands has dropped out of the Cageless tour after allegations of sexual misconduct have come out against the B.C. band.

Halifax's Neon Dreams released a statement Friday morning saying, "In light of the allegations surfacing against Hedley, we can no longer in good conscience continue on the Cageless tour." The band's statement comes just after Hedley's management dropped the band, and CBC announced that it would be pulling all Hedley songs from its radio and streaming services. Earlier this week, the Juno Awards dropped Hedley from its list of performers for the March 25 awards broadcast.

Nelson, B.C.'s Shawn Hook, a current opener on Hedley's tour, released a statement on Thursday saying he was "disheartened" but would continue to perform.

The allegations against Hedley surfaced on Twitter Monday, as accusations started collecting under the #outHedley2k18 hashtag. The band members have since responded via the Hedley Facebook page, saying they have "respect" for the #MeToo movement but that the allegations are "unsubstantiated."