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Live webcast: Johannes Moser at McGill University

Chris Maskell

On Tuesday, Feb. 27, at 7:30 p.m. ET, scroll down to watch cellist Johannes Moser perform in Montreal's Pollack Hall for the opening concert of the Musical Chairs Chamber Music Festival at the Schulich School of Music of McGill University.

The festival, which includes 20 concerts and masterclasses, brings together exceptional students and music faculty from Beijing, Oslo, Brisbane and other locales to perform with Schulich students and staff. See the full program and details on performers below.


  • Johannes Brahms: Sextet in B-flat Major, Op. 18
    Featuring Axel Strauss (violin), Elizabeth Skinner (violin), Victor Fournelle-Blain (viola), Chung Han Hsiao (viola), Johannes Moser (cello) and Jason Pegis (cello).
  • Maurice Ravel: Piano Trio in A Minor, M. 67
    Featuring the Amatis Piano Trio (Mozarteum, University of Salzburg): Lea Hausmann (violin), Samuel Shepherd (cello) and Mengjie Han (piano).
  • Arnold Schoenberg: Verklärte Nacht, Op. 4
    Featuring Andrew Wan (violin), Alicia Choi (violin), Marina Thibeault (viola), Douglas McNabneyn (viola), Johannes Moser (cello) and Elizabeth Dolin (cello).

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