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River Tiber, Kandle, Preoccupations: Radio 3's top 30 songs for the week fo March 12, 2018

Editorial Staff

Toronto multi-instrumentalist and R&B artist Tommy Paxton-Beesley, A.K.A. River Tiber, has collaborated with the likes of SZA and Kaytranada, and last December he released the beautifully atmospheric song "Patience." It enters our top 30 at #28.

Kandle is back with a brand new song called "When My Body Breaks," featuring guests Peter Dreimanis of July Talk and Sam Goldberg of Broken Social Scene. The song has a bit of a dark country flavour and she described it in a statement as, "...a somber drifters tale written on the road." It is our highest debut this week at #23.

Other debuts this week include Omhouse with "Aurock," and Danielle Duval with "Subway Wall."

Preoccupations surge to the top spot this week with "Espionage." The band's new album, New Material, is due out on March 23 via Jagjaguwar.

Here is the full rundown of our top 30 songs:

30. Omhouse, “Aurock”
29. Pony, “I Don’t Know”
28. River Tiber, “Patience”
27. Prince Innocence, “Blue Star”
26. Austra, “Change The Paradigm”
25. Danielle Duval, “Subway Wall”
24. Praises, “Calm As Colour”
23. Kandle, “When My Body Breaks” *highest debut*
22. The Seams, “Lemonade”
21. Born Ruffians, “Miss You”
20. The Avulsions, “The End”
19. Wordburglar, “If It Rhymes It’s Real”
18. Nap Eyes, “Every Time The Feeling”
17. Young Galaxy, “Under My Wing”
16. Kellarissa, “Ocean Electric”
15. Tough Age, “Everyday Life”
14. Look Vibrant, “My Nerves”
13. Sleepless Nights, “You’ll Find Love”
12. Breeze, “Please”
11. Alice Glass, “Without Love”
10. Daniel Romano, “Nerveless”
9. Miesha & the Spanks, “Atmosphere”
8. Tuns, “When You’re Ready”
7. Ought, “Disgraced In America”
6. Gord Downie, “Ricky Please”
5. Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, “Someplace”
4. Rich Aucoin, “Release”
3. Suuns, “Watch Me, Watch You”
2. Rhye, “Taste”
1. Preoccupations, “Espionage”