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Ellevator, Milk & Bone, Rich Aucoin: Radio 3's top 30 songs for the week of March 19, 2018

Editorial Staff

Hamilton synth-rock band Ellevator debuts at #30 on the chart this week with "New Survival." Formerly known as the Medicine Hat, the band signed to Arts & Crafts last fall and are set to relase a self-titled debut EP next month.

Montreal electo-pop duo Milk & Bone just finished a run up the chart with the title track from their latest album, Deception Bay. Now, the third single from the album is the highest debut on our chart. "Nevermore" checks in at #22.

Other debuts this week include Keys N Krates with "Glitter" and Donovan Woods with "Burn That Bridge."

Rich Aucoin expressed surprise via his Twitter account that his 7-minute instrumental track "Release." was climbing the chart last week. Sure, the song has no words, but it is easily one of the most mesmerizing tracks we've heard so far this year. The video for the song is equally stunning, based on a very simple concept of Aucoin floating in a body of water. Somehow once you start watching it's almost impossible to turn away.

Here's the full rundown of our top 30 this week:

30. Ellevator, “New Survival”
29. Daniel Romano, “Nerveless”
28. Keys N Krates, “Glitter”
27. Omhouse, “Aurock”
26. Donovan Woods, “Burn That Bridge”
25. River Tiber, “Patience”
24. Shy Kids, “I Was In New York”
23. Prince Innocence, “Blue Star”
22. Milk & Bone, “Nevermore” *highest debut*
21. Danielle Duval, “Subway Wall”
20. The Seams, “Lemonade”
19. Kandle, “When My Body Breaks”
18. The Avulsions, “The End”
17. Suuns, “Watch Me, Watch You”
16. Young Galaxy, “Under My Wing”
15. Nap Eyes, “Every Time The Feeling”
14. Kellarissa, “Ocean Electric”
13. Tough Age, “Everyday Life”
12. Sleepless Nights, “You’ll Find Love”
11. Look Vibrant, “My Nerves”
10. Rhye, “Taste”
9. Breeze, “Please”
8. Preoccupations, “Espionage”
7. Miesha & the Spanks, “Atmosphere”
6. Alice Glass, “Without Love”
5. Tuns, “When You’re Ready”
4. Gord Downie, “Ricky Please”
3. Ought, “Disgraced In America”
2. Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, “Someplace”
1. Rich Aucoin, “Release”