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Felix Dyotte, Scenic Route To Alaska, Milk & Bone: Radio 3's top 30 songs for the week of April 16, 2018

Editorial Staff

Montreal singer-songwriter Félix Dyotte debuts on our chart this week with some silky-smooth guitar pop in the form of "Ulverton," from his most recent album Politesses.

Edmonton indie rockers Scenic Route to Alaska recently went to the top of our chart with "Slow Down," the preview track from their latest album Tough Luck. They now return with another song from the album called "How It Feels," and it's the highest debut this week at #23.

Golden Drag also debuts on the chart at #29 WITH "Aphex Jim."

Electro-pop duo Milk & Bone is another band that has enjoyed several appearances on our top 30, most recently with the song "Deception Bay." They reach the number one position this week with the softly dreamy track "Nevermore."

Here is the full rundown of the top 30 songs on our chart this week:

30. Omhouse, “Aurock”
29. Golden Drag, “Aphex Jim”
28. Look Vibrant, “My Nerves”
27. Felix Dyotte, “Ulverton”
26. Kellarissa, “Ocean Electric”
25. Jackson MacIntosh, “Can It Be Love”
24. Prince Innocence, “Blue Star”
23. Scenic Route To Alaska, “How It Feels” *highest debut*
22. The Seams, “Lemonade”
21. Peach Kelli Pop, “Crooked And Crazy”
20. The Avulsions, “The End”
19. Everett Bird, “Paranoid”
18. Kandle, “When My Body Breaks”
17. Geoffroy, “Wanderer”
16. Hubert Lenoir, “Fille de personne II”
15. Calpurnia, “City Boy”
14. Young Galaxy, “Under My Wing
13. For Esme, “Doubtmouth”
12. Ellevator, “New Survival”
11. Reuben & the Dark, “All Or Nothing”
10. Dylarama, “Les Yeux Femmes”
9. Jo Passed, “MDM”
8. Nap Eyes, “Every Time The Feeling”
7. River Tiber, “Patience”
6. Keys N Krates, “Glitter”
5. U.S. Girls, “Pearly Gates”
4. Donovan Woods, “Burn That Bridge”
3. Shy Kids, “I Was In New York”
2. Danielle Duval, “Subway Wall”
1. Milk & Bone, “Nevermore”