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Update: John River has undergone 2 surgeries to 'fix a brain fluid leak'

Melody Lau

Back in January, Canadian rapper John River took to Twitter to plead for help after experiencing a series of medical emergencies that left him unable to see, hear or walk.

Two months ago, River's management revealed that a neurologist finally discovered what was wrong: "Paraspinal pain, severe anemia, a dislocated jaw joint but most importantly intracranial hypotension. His brain has been sagging in his head for 40 days." His management went on to say that he was "scraping and clawing to do whatever it took to be believed and to stay alive" after his initial visits to the hospital yielded no results and many misdiagnoses such as stress or depression.

For those wondering how River (real name Matthew Derrick-Huie) is doing now, the Mississauga native's brother Marcus Derrick-Huie posted an update on Twitter on Monday night, confirming that River has undergone two surgeries to "fix a brain fluid leak."

Accompanied with a photo of River in a hospital bed was a note from Marcus that detailed his experience alongside John these past few months. "To my younger brother: I know this wasn't what you expected for life at 23," Marcus wrote. "Seeing you slowly lose feelings in your limbs, vision, bladder function was hard. Seeing you in a pyschiatric ward, where they told me & mom to 'stop indulging your fantasy' was unforgivable."

He continued: "I'll never forget the way people treated you when you were at your weakest, but 2 spinal surgeries down, step 1 is out of the way. It'll be a while before you can see, hear & walk normally but GOD got big plans for you & the day you get back, you're going to set the world on fire."

Read the full post below.

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