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Frazey Ford, Witch Prophet and more: songs you need to hear this week

Editorial Staff

Each week, CBC Music producers come together to highlight Canada's best new tracks.

This week, we have songs from Frazey Ford, Witch Prophet, falcxne and Lou Phelps. Scroll down to find out why you need to hear them.

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‘Can You Get to That,’ Frazey Ford

Last year Frazey Ford gave us her slinky cover of D'Angelo's "When We Get By" to mark her signing to the Arts & Crafts label, and now she's lent her soulful sound to a cover of the Funkadelic classic "Can You Get to That."

"I first heard this Funkadelic track years ago while planting trees on a mountainside in intense heat,” Ford said via press release. “That moment of hard work, sweat and deep funk has always stayed with me." A complete departure from the original, Ford's distinct vocals are the centrepiece, bringing soul and folk together for a perfectly wrapped gift as we wait for Ford's upcoming third album.

— Holly Gordon

‘Time Traveler,’ Witch Prophet feat. Lido Pimienta

“What if I told you just who I was/ would you be more careful knowing what I’m capable of?” The opening line of Witch Prophet’s “Time Traveler,” off of her latest album, The Golden Octave, sounds cautionary on paper, like there's a concern over her subject’s response, but singer Ayo Leilani’s delivery is all confidence. Joined by Lido Pimienta, who provides beautiful backing vocals on this galactic R&B number, Leilani is transfixing as she repeatedly coos the lines, “I put a spell on you” and “You’re mine, mine, mine.” In the end, her opening question is ultimately rhetorical: “Should you be more careful? Should you be more fearful? I think so.”

— Melody Lau

‘Slowly,’ falcxne

Right in time for prom (perhaps you’re attending or chaperoning one?), this slow burner from Montreal/Toronto producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist — and now vocalist — Estevan Falcone (a.k.a. falcxne) is the ultimate slow dance. A satisfying fusion of vintage R&B and contemporary neo-soul, “Slowly” establishes a gently swaying doo-wop beat to set off some detailed guitar work and vocals that recall Voodoo-era D’Angelo. A soulful new approach from the artist who brought us 2017’s groovy, sample-based Timbits III.

— Robert Rowat

‘Want to (For the Youth),’ Lou Phelps feat. Kaytranada

Lou Phelps is having a pretty great year so far. The Montreal rapper was nominated for a Juno Award for rap recording of the year, and even though he didn’t take home the prize, he has continued to put out some incredible singles such as “Come Inside” featuring Jazz Cartier and, most recently, “Want to (For the Youth).” In both those cases, as with almost everything Phelps has done, production comes courtesy of his brother, Polaris Music Prize winner Kaytranada. While a good Kaytranada beat is always a compelling draw, Phelps holds his own here, making sure that he is front and centre. On “Want to (For the Youth),” a sinister synth screech swirls around as Phelps goes on the offensive, telling any doubters: “You want to fight? Bet you want to.” It’s a track that aims to boost the youth, encouraging them to do and pursue what they want, but it’s also a big boost in the right direction for Phelps.

— Melody Lau

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