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Jo Passed, Kandle, San James: Radio 3's top 30 songs for the week of June 4, 2018

Editorial Staff

Just over a month ago, Vancouver band Jo Passed made it all the way to the top of the chart with "MDM," the first single from its latest album Their Prime. Now the quartet is back with the '90s-fuzz rock single "Millenial Trash Blues," which debuts at #29.

Kid Koala is back with a new track called "Blue Prints," which lands at #27. Kandle bursts on to the chart as the highest debut this week with the new single "Bender" checking in at #22.

After five weeks on the top 30, Montreal indie rock artist San James rockets to #1 with the compelling, addictive track "One Hundred Faces."

Here is the full rundown of our top 30 songs this week:

30. Golden Drag, “Aphex Jim”
29. Jo Passed, “Millenial Trash Blues”
28. Ponctuation, “Fleur”
27. Kid Koala, “Blue Prints”
26. Rhye, “Feel Your Weight”
25. Ellevator, “Hounds”
24. Bonjay, “Chelsea”
23. Long Branch, “Lilacs”
22. Kandle, “Bender” *highest debut*
21. Yukon Blonde, “Love The Way You Are”
20. Astral Swans, “Controls”
19. The Franklin Electric, “Are We Together Now”
18. Sloan, “Spin Our Wheels”
17. Silver Dapple, “Vibration”
16. L Con, “You Were Right”
15. Dusted, “Backwoods Ritual”
14. Tokyo Police Club, “New Blues”
13. Kellarissa, “Black Sea”
12. Nap Eyes, “Roses”
11. Postdata, “Black Cloud”
10. Michael Rault, “I’ll Be There”
9. Alice Merton, “Lash Out”
8. Lou Phelps, “Come Inside”
7. Random Recipe, “Out Of The Sky”
6. Rich Aucoin, “The Middle”
5. Lowell, “War Face”
4. Camaromance, “Audrey”
3. Stars, “Ship To Shore”
2. Dragon Fli Empire, “Hold Down The Fort”
1. San James, “One Hundred Faces”