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Love & marriage: 25 new songs for your indie wedding playlist

Andrea Warner

Wedding real talk: if you’re getting married or participating in a civil union this summer, you have enough stress without having to worry about how music might help or hinder your special day.

Top 40 and classic pop are fine options but certain songs are so ubiquitous that eventually it’s hard to distinguish one first dance from another. There are so many brilliant, fun, beautiful, and unusual love songs in the world that are miles away from the mainstream.

Building on the success of our original indie wedding playlist, CBC Music wants to help make your marriage/civil union/commitment ceremony as unique as the love you’re celebrating. Below, you’ll find 25 new songs from a range of indie and emerging artists and bands from all over the world including Zaki Ibrahim, William Prince, Shannon & the Clams, Dream Wife, Kadhja Bonet, Donovan Woods and more.

Dominique Fils-Aimé, ‘Ok With U’

La Bichinashvili, ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’

Monsune, ‘Nothing in Return’

Zaki Ibrahim, ‘Love Made Naked’

Shannon & the Clams, ‘If You Could Know’

Pierre Kwenders, ‘Zonga’ ft. Tanyaradzwa

Kadhja Bonet, ‘This Love’

This Love by Kadhja Bonet

Adria Kain, ‘Sunrise’

Sunrise by Adria Kain

Laydy Jams, ‘Old School Love’

JB the First Lady, ‘My Baby’

Meant To Be by Jb the First Lady

Fanny Bloom, ‘Petit bois’

George Canyon, ‘Slow Dance’

Nina Kinert, ‘Chapped Lips’ ft. Samuel T. Herring

Donovan Woods, ‘Great Escape’

Beatrice Deer, ‘You’re With Me’

Frazey Ford, ‘When We Get By’

The Good Lovelies, ‘Take Me Take Me’

Winsome Kind, ‘We Call It Home’

Fortunate Ones, ‘Before You’

La Force, ‘You Amaze Me’

Peace, ‘You Don’t Walk Away From Love’

William Prince, ‘Breathless’

Premiere: "Breathless" by William Prince

Listen to the remastered song from the Juno Award-winning artist.


Say Sue Me, ‘Dreaming’

it's just a short walk! by Say Sue Me

Dream Wife, ‘Let’s Make Out’

Riit Mike and Mary Meeka, ‘Love Song’

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