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Watch Vancouver Chamber Choir's tribute to R. Murray Schafer

Robert Rowat

R. Murray Schafer will celebrate his 85th birthday this summer and to get the festivities started, Vancouver Chamber Choir and Jon Washburn will present Schafer/85: A Birthday Spectacular, a concert tribute to the great Canadian composer.

Three major choral works by Schafer will be featured. Scroll down for details on the program and performers.

The concert takes place Friday, July 6, at 8 p.m. local time (11 p.m. ET) at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts. Tune in to the live webcast below:


The Star Princess and the Waterlilies
A Schaferian creation myth on the celestial origin of waterlilies.

- Narrator: George Roberts
- Star Princess: Fabiana Katz, mezzo-soprano
- Children: Christina Cichos, Krista Pederson, Hilary Ison
- Percussion: Brian Nesselroad, Jonathan Bernard
- Vancouver Chamber Choir, conducted by Jon Washburn

Narcissus and Echo
Young Narcissus encounters the nymph, Echo — as written by Ovid and recounted by the blind seer, Tiresias.

- Tiresias: Steven Bélanger, baritone
- Echo: Christina Cichos, soprano
- Vancouver Chamber Choir, conducted by Jon Washburn

The Love that Moves the Universe
Music of the stars and spheres of light of the first and last cantos of Dante’s "Paradiso" (from Divina Commedia).

- Canto I: "The glory of the One who moves the universe"
- Canto XXXIII: "Nella profonda e chiara sussitenza" (In the profound clarity of that exalted light)

- Christina Cichos and Beth Buono, sopranos
- Delores Scott and Fabiana Katz, altos
- Eric Schwarzhoff and Carman J. Price, tenors
- George Roberts, bass
- Vancouver Chamber Choir and Vancouver Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Jon Washburn

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