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Boyhood, For Esmé, L Con: Radio 3's top 30 songs for the week of June 25, 2018

Editorial Staff

Caylie Runciman, A.K.A. Boyhood, just put our a new release last week called Bad Mantras. The hypnotic, slow-grooving first single from the album is called "Drivin'" and it lands at #27 on our top 30 this week.

For Esmé jumps on to the chart as the highest debut at #23. Frontwoman Martha Meredith's mesmerizing vocals are elegantly layered over a swirling sonic background, crooning lyrics that delve into her exploration of being a woman in the modern world. The band's most recent album, Righteous Woman, was released last month, and Meredith told Exclaim that the album is about " trying harder to be a better person: Ultimately a person who, when I go to bed at night, I can live with and maybe even love."

Toronto new-wave trio Bravestation also debuts this week at #30 with "Ray of Love."

Songwriter and producer L Con surges to the top of the chart with the frenetic dance track 'You Were Right."

Here is the full rundown of our top 30 this week:

30. Bravestation, “Ray Of Love”
29. Lowell, “War Face”
28. Donovan Woods, “Truck Full Of Money”
27. Boyhood, “Drivin’”
26. Jimmy Hunt, “Galapagos”
25. Frog Eyes, “Idea Man”
24. Catl, “Baby, You All Wrong”
23. For Esmé, “For Others” *highest debut*
22. Elisapie, “Wolves Don’t Live By The Rules”
21. Calpurnia, “Louie”
20. Braids, “Collarbones”
19. Smaller Hearts, “Summertime III”
18. Jo Passed, “Millennial Trash Blues”
17. Nap Eyes, “Roses”
16. U.S. Girls, “Rosebud”
15. Foxtrott, “Wait”
14. La Force, “You Amaze Me”
13. Alice Merton, “Lash Out”
12. Long Branch, “Lilacs”
11. Kid Koala, “Blue Prints”
10. Tokyo Police Club, “New Blues”
9. Ellevator, “Hounds”
8. Astral Swans, “Controls”
7. Kellarissa, “Black Sea”
6. Yukon Blonde, “Love The Way You Are”
5. Lou Phelps, “Come Inside”
4. Silver Dapple, “Vibration”
3. Kandle, “Bender”
2. Sloan, “Spin Our Wheels”
1. L Con, “You Were Right”