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Yung Heazy, Art d'Ecco, La Force: Radio 3's top 30 songs for the week of July 16, 2018

Editorial Staff

Vancouver indie rocker Jordan Heaney, A.K.A. Yung Heazy, became a viral sensation after his song "Cuz You're My Girl" was posted online by a YouTube tastemaker. The song has since garnered millions of views and propelled Heaney to releasing an album called Whenever You're Around I Hate Everything Less this past June. His new song, "Comfort" breaks in to the top 30 at #28 this week.

Glam-rocker Art d'Ecco recently signed to Paper Bag Records and released a preview single for a new album that will come out later this year. "Nobody's Home" is the highest debut on the top 30 this week, and Art d'Ecco described it via press release as, "the true story about a woman on the run from an abusive relationship. She makes her escape only to be looking over her shoulder for the rest of her life. The woman I wrote it for is no longer with us, but her spirit in her later years was beautiful and full of life. She loved to dance. And yet, she spent a lot of her time alone in fear he would one day show up."

Other debuts this week include "Heaven Only Knows" from Bob Moses and "Remain" from Folly and the Hunter.

Broken Social Scene member Ariel Engle has a solo project called La Force, and she cruises to the top spot after six weeks on the chart with her debut single "You Amaze Me."

Here is the full rundown of the top 30 songs on the chart this week:

30. Bob Moses, “Heaven Only Knows”
29. Yukon Blonde, “Love The Way You Are”
28. Yung Heazy, “Comfort”
27. Bulow, “Sad And Bored”
26. Folly and the Hunter, “Remain”
25. Kandle, “Bender”
24. Stars, “One Day Left”
23. Tallies, “Mother”
22. Art d’Ecco, “Nobody’s Home” *highest debut*
21. Dizzy, “Joshua”
20. Bravestation, “Ray Of Love”
19. Kalle Mattson, “Kids On The Run”
18. Boyhood, “Drivin’”
17. Jo Passed, “Millennial Trash Blues”
16. Donovan Woods, “Truck Full Of Money”
15. Postdata, “Erase Your Heart”
14. Dan Mangan, “Troubled Mind”
13. Kid Koala, “Blue Prints”
12. Frog Eyes, “Idea Man”
11. Jimmy Hunt, “Galapagos”
10. Catl, “Baby, You All Wrong”
9. For Esme, “For Others”
8. Calpurnia, “Louie”
7. Astral Swans, “Controls”
6. Braids, “Collarbones”
5. Elisapie, “Wolves Don’t Live By The Rules”
4. U.S. Girls, “Rosebud”
3. Smaller Hearts, “Summertime III”
2. Foxtrott, “Wait”
1. La Force, “You Amaze Me”