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Alice Glass, Great Lake Swimmers, Elisapie: Radio 3's top 30 songs for the week of July 23, 2018

Editorial Staff

Alice Glass debuts on a chart with a song called "Mine," from her self-titled solo debut EP released in August of last year. She describes the song in a press release as being, "about someone who hurts themselves in an attempt to regain control of their own life and experiences." The video for the song features drag performer Violet Chachki from RuPaul's Drag Race.

Toronto's Great Lake Swimmers are set to release a new album on August 17, titled The Waves, The Wake. Their latest single "Alone But Not Alone" is the highest debut on the chart this week at #23.

Autogramm also debuts on the chart this week with “Jessica Don’t Like Rock N Roll.”

Inuk-Montreal singer-songwriter Elisapie surges to the #1 position on our top 30 with "Wolves Don't Live by the Rules." She cites the album Spirit Child by Inuk folk-singer Willie Thrasher as a major influence on her work, saying in a statement that the song is an echo of his life. "Willie Thrasher gave me strength. I was finding myself in him. Somehow, his life was torn from him. He was sent to a residential school in the south. He lost his language and his traditional Inuit way of life. Willie Thrasher did not have an easy path, but he is a fighter."

Elisapie will release a full-length album called The Ballad of the Runaway Girl on September 14.

Here is the full rundown of the top 30 songs this week:

30. Kid Koala, “Blue Prints”
29. Autogramm, “Jessica Don’t Like Rock N Roll”
28. Bob Moses, “Heaven Only Knows”
27. Astral Swans, “Controls”
26. Alice Glass, “Mine”
25. Yung Heazy, “Comfort”
24. U.S. Girls, “Rosebud”
23. Great Lake Swimmers, “Alone But Not Alone” *highest debut*
22. Bulow, “Sad And Bored”
21. Folly and the Hunter, “Remain”
20. Tallies, “Mother”
19. Stars, “One Day Left”
18. Art d’Ecco, “Nobody’s Home”
17. Smaller Hearts, “Summertime III”
16. Dizzy, “Joshua”
15. Kalle Mattson, “Kids On The Run”
14. Bravestation, “Ray Of Love”
13. Boyhood, “Drivin’”
12. Postdata, “Erase Your Heart”
11. Donovan Woods, “Truck Full Of Money”
10. Foxtrott, “Wait”
9. Dan Mangan, “Troubled Mind”
8. La Force, “You Amaze Me”
7. Frog Eyes, “Idea Man”
6. Catl, “Baby, You All Wrong”
5. Jimmy Hunt, “Galapagos”
4. For Esme, “For Others”
3. Calpurnia, “Louie”
2. Braids, “Collarbones”
1. Elisapie, “Wolves Don’t Live By The Rules”