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Can we take a moment to appreciate Céline Dion's Instagram?

Melody Lau

Last week, Canadian icon Céline Dion posted a photo of herself giving her best power pose in a bright yellow suit on her Instagram account. This quickly prompted filmmaker Matthew A. Cherry to repost the picture on Twitter and ask his followers: "What's the name of this mixtape?" Hundreds of replies followed. Some highlights: "Get Rich or Dion Trying," "Beauty and the Hypebeast," "My Heart Will Go Off," and "Celine Dijon."

While Dion's skyscraper shot drew a lot of attention on the internet, this is hardly the first time the singer has wowed us with her Instagram account. In fact, if you haven't hit follow yet, we implore you to do that ASAP. We promise, it will brighten your day/entire Instagram feed. Here's why:

You thought the yellow suit was impressive? Dion poses in couture outfits on the regular.

And she's just as good at the Céline puns as everyone else. Just look at this backstage snap with the caption: "'I Drove All Night, to Get to You' new wheels...low maintenance, really good on gas!"

But even in all these glitzy outfits, Dion is just like us — she just wants to enjoy a late-night hot dog sometimes.

You also never know who will pop up in Dion's posts. Did you know she hung out with DJ Steve Aoki? We didn't 'til we saw this nightclub shot.

And when she's not hugging other celebrities, she's posting incredibly heartwarming pictures and videos of her sons.

Her throwback posts are not the most common sighting, but they are bound to make you feel super nostalgic when they do appear.

Over the years, Dion has become synonymous with power ballads and a certain sense of melodrama that comes with that style of music. But it's also clear that Dion has a great sense of humour. (Her talk show appearances have confirmed this time and time again.) Her own Instagram account has become a place for her to explore both sides of that personality — the larger-than-life diva, but almost as a caricature.

Dion will give you the flashy posts, but she'll do it with a wink and a pun. She is unabashedly herself, whether that's witty or completely sincere, and the results are connecting not only with her fans, but with an audience beyond them that craves authencity — especially when it's clad in an exciting yellow suit.


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