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Let Devon Welsh's beautiful 'Summer's End' video usher you into the fall months

Melody Lau

The month of August often marks the slow fade into fall. The sun is still shining, but every so often a breeze will remind you that autumn is just around the corner. For former Majical Cloudz frontman Devon Welsh, this triggers something beautiful and nostalgic, as captured on his latest single, "Summer's End."

"This is not the first time you've seen the last of the green," Welsh sings, stretching his syllables out like he doesn't want to let go of season's sheen. While his previous project relied heavily on electronic production, Welsh's new album, Dream Songs (out today) finds the Montreal artist drawing on more organic elements like a lone guitar riff that flutters throughout the track, or strings that dramatically swell as he repeats the song's title. It's an emotional rush that's just as effective as anything he's done before.

CBC Music is premiering the video for "Summer's End" today, which you can watch below. Here's a statement from Welsh about the making of this clip:

"Chris and I shot this video last summer in a day in Montreal on an 8mm film camera. It was the first video we made together, and it set the tone for the way we approached making the rest of the videos. We mostly improvised everything we shot, looking for ideas as we walked around. When I watch the video it reminds me of walking on my own, which I was also doing a lot of that summer."


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