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Premiere: listen to Helena Deland's hypnotic new song 'Lean on You'

Holly Gordon

From the Series of Songs "Altogether Unaccompanied" Vol. III & IV has a slightly long title, but it aptly describes how Montreal's Helena Deland has been releasing her music over the last year: methodically, and singularly.

"It's a happy mix of different years and different contexts," explains Deland, of her upcoming, five-song EP. The 26-year-old Montrealer began writing songs in high school, and started recording her work three years ago. While the oldest song in this new collection is roughly four years old, they are all loosely linked thematically so that Vol. III is "like stages, weaving in and out of relationships" and Vol. IV is "about wanting to be close with someone."

The EP won't be released until Oct. 19, but we're premiering its third single, "Lean on You," which aptly fits into the Vol. III descriptor. "It's about having a crush that you're kind of resisting because you don't want to surrender mental space to this. You know?" explains Deland. The woozy track starts simply, with only Deland's voice and guitar, and expands into a teasing chorus that states, "Cause I don't need/ I don't need/ to lean on you, no/ even though/ that's what other people do." You can hear whisps of what sounds like Deland's breath through the lyrics, as her "ah-ah-aahs" march you gently through the song.

Produced by fellow Montrealer Jesse Mac Cormack (who has produced all of Deland's EPs, encompassing 2016's Drawing Room and March 2018's Vol. I & II), Altogether Unaccompanied Vol. III & IV is her second EP to be released on new label Luminelle Records, of which Deland is the first signee.

Listen to the new track below, and look out for her new release in a month's time.


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