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Watch Ria Mae's 1st live performance of her new earworm, 'Hold Me'

Holly Gordon

Ria Mae recorded a song for our Juno 365 session in London, Ont., recently, and while she was there she also recorded the first live performance of her brand new song, "Hold Me."

"I really like this song," Mae told us, of the single. "I wrote it with Frank Kadillac [lead singer of Neon Dreams], who sings it with me. Him and I were in Nicaragua with a few other writers and creatives and we were talking about how easy life used to feel when we were younger. And now, with all this anxiety around social media ... I think we were both kind of at the same place in our life and in our head space, and we just started talking more about that. It was just a conversation, it wasn't even supposed to be writing a song. And then it just sort of turned into this song. I'm really proud of what we did with it."

Listen to Mae's new earworm below.


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