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Video premiere: Matt Mays performs acoustic version of 'Drive On'

Holly Gordon

Matt Mays' acoustic counterpart to 2017's Once Upon a Hell of a Time ... will be released this month, but in the meantime we're premiering the video for his second single, "Drive On."

"I’m a big ELO fan and I always wanted ELO to do more of a twangier, country record. It’s been my ultimate fantasy. I knew that was never going to happen, so I kinda tried to do an ELO type twangier tune about driving away from your problems and peacing out," says Mays, via press release, of the new song.

On Twice Upon a Hell of a Time ..., out on Oct. 19, Mays has moved away from the bigger band sound of his 2017 recording for a stripped-down, acoustic collection of the same songs. Watch the video below, and pre-order the album here.


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