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Shawn Mendes' new music video is the perfect homage to Lost in Translation

Melody Lau

Shawn Mendes was five years old when Sofia Coppola's cult hit Lost in Translation came out.

We bring that up because Mendes' latest music video for his track "Lost in Japan" is an homage to the 2003 film, where Mendes plays Bill Murray's role of Bob Harris, a movie star who goes to Tokyo to film a whisky commercial and meets a fellow foreigner played by Scarlett Johansson (13 Reasons Why star Alisha Boe takes on Johansson's Charlotte character here).

Producer Zedd also makes an appearance, partying in the remake of the famous karaoke scene, as the video is for Mendes' original track plus Zedd's recent remix.

From that karaoke scene to the iconic hotel shots and elevator meet-cute, Mendes' version of Lost in Translation is much more upbeat and playful than the original film — which was more quiet and melancholic — but otherwise it's a pretty spot-on tribute to one of Coppola's most celebrated works.

Watch Shawn Mendes' "Lost in Japan" video below.


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