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'He's killin' it!': watch Nile Rodgers listen to Daniel Caesar for the first time

Melody Lau

Nile Rodgers has worked with everyone from David Bowie to Diana Ross. This year, the Chic co-founder returned with a new album titled It's About Time, teaming up with some of music's biggest names, including Lady Gaga, Vic Mensa, Mura Masa and Nao. So, with his fingers constantly on the pulse of what's happening in music, you would assume that nothing is new to Rodgers' ears. Except, he seems to have missed one of Canada's newest R&B stars, Daniel Caesar.

When Rodgers stopped by CBC Music recently to promote It's About Time, we played him some tunes in a game of Jam or Not a Jam. When we hit play on Caesar's song, "Get You," this is how he reacted:

"I love that," he says immediately, without knowing exactly who the singer is. But upon hearing that Caesar actually worked with one of Rodgers' own recent collaborators, Nao, on her latest album, Saturn, everything clicked for our guest. "Oh, he wrote 'Saturn'? No wonder it's happening!" Rodgers adds. "Daniel's the bomb."

Now that Rodgers is familiar with Caesar's name, perhaps we can add the legendary artist to Caesar's growing list of potential collaborators?


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