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First Play Live: Shagabond and Noah, Everything All at Once

Editorial Staff

Step-cousins Shagabond and Noah met four or five years ago at a family gathering and bonded over making music — Toronto-based Shagabond produces, while L.A.-based Noah sings — so they decided to try collaborating.

Noah was so excited over their first single, Helium, that the two went on to create this year's new EP, Everything All At Once. Because of their different locations, Shagabond and Noah's collaboration consisted of working over the internet, with the odd in-person session scheduled around family gatherings.

Everything All at Once explores the life-cycle of a relationship, from meeting through to the honeymoon phase, into its subsequent complications and finally the break-up. Watch below as Shagabond and Noah play a more acoustic/analog version of their normally synth-y EP.