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‘The Hermit rides again’: Thrush Hermit announces reunion shows and anniversary vinyl

Holly Gordon

Halifax '90s rockers Thrush Hermit formed more than a quarter-century ago, and now they're celebrating 20 years since their final album, Clayton Park, with a reunion tour and special vinyl.

The news was announced on the March 24 episode of The Strombo Show, where we found out that Clayton Park will be released on vinyl for the first time on Record Store Day (April 13). You can also catch original band members Joel Plaskett, Rob Benvie, Ian McGettigan and Cliff Gibb playing five shows in Moncton, Halifax, Ottawa, London, Ont., and Toronto this fall.

“I’m very much looking forward to playing a handful of shows with the guys again,” Plaskett said today, when asked about the announcement.

Clayton Park was a special record for us, marking the end of the ‘90s and our time as band. It’s tempting to say I can’t believe it’s been 20 years but, frankly, I can believe it. We’ve all been busy with other endeavors and our families so finding the window to do this was a little challenging. It will be fun to fire up the motor again, both to celebrate the music and to spend time together as friends as we clocked a lot of kilometres together in the 1990s. It’s also great to finally have the record on vinyl, as Ian’s artwork looks stellar in a larger format. The Hermit rides again (at least from Halifax to Toronto)!”


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